Vertical packing machine

Vertical packaging machine: The coil is usually at the upper end of the machine. The coil is made into a molded bag by a vertical bag-making machine, and then the steps of filling, packaging, sealing, etc. multi lane packaging machine,high speed blister packing machine,automatic granule packing machine,liquid vacuum packing machine,food packaging production line,The horizontal packaging machine is roughly divided into two types: Style and homemade bag. -----The bag type is the existing prefabricated packaging bag placed in the bagging area, and the steps of opening, blowing, measuring and unloading, sealing, printing, etc. are completed in the form of horizontal bag walking. -----The difference between the homemade bag type and the bag type is that the self-made bag type needs to automatically complete the process of coil forming or film forming bag making, and the process is basically completed in a horizontal form. Pillow packaging machine: the packaged articles are conveyed horizontally by the conveying mechanism to the coil or film inlet (in this case, the coil or film has been cylindrical through the bag maker, and the packaged articles enter the cylindrical packaging material). After that, it runs synchronously, and then passes through heat sealing, air extraction (vacuum packaging) or air supply (inflatable packaging), cutting and other processes. For example, small bread, chocolate, biscuits, instant noodles, etc. are all packaged through a pillow packaging machine. Compared with horizontal packaging and vertical packaging, the pillow packaging is for a relatively simple single item or integrated item such as a block, a strip, or a sphere. For example, cool, dry batteries, and even foods ( instant noodles) are all pillow-type collections.


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