JT-320-4K 4 lanes coffee spice cosmetics powder stick automatic packing machine

JT-320-4K 4 lanes coffee/ spice/ cosmetics powder stick automatic packing machine  


JT-320-4K 4 lanes coffee/ spice/ cosmetics powder stick automatic packing machine


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Product Description


  1. JT-320-4K automatic packing machine Standard European technology.
  2. 4 lanes coffee packing machine CE certification.
  3. Mitsubishi PLC touch screen, easy to operate.
  4. Panasonic servo motor drawing film and drawing bag sealed, more stable and faster.
  5. Siemens frequency change, AirTac air cylinder, all the spare parts are international brand.

 The so-called powder stick automatic packing machine is to combine independent automatic or semi-automatic packaging equipment, auxiliary equipment, etc. according to the order of the packaging process, so that the packaged articles enter from the end of the assembly line, after different packaging equipment, the packaging materials are added at the corresponding packaging station. The finished package is continuously output from the end of the assembly line. automatic granule packing machine Price,Exporter,Suppliers and Manufacturers ,In the packaging line, workers only participate in some auxiliary packaging operations, such as finishing, conveying, and packaging container supply.

From a process point of view, in addition to the general characteristics of the assembly line, the automatic packaging production line has stricter production rhythm and coordination. Different levels of packaging lines and automatic packaging production lines have been widely used in various packaging industries in China.

Mitsubishi PLC , Panasonic servo motor, Siemens frequency changer, all the spare part are international brand.

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Four lanes bag formers.

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Sponge exhaust for each bag

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Four lanes dates code printers

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suits the package with plastic bag of chemical powder, food powder, and so on.

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Bag type:       


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Packaging & Shipping



Company Information




 1. Can your machine meet our needs well? 

We will  give you the proposal according to your specific requirments. Every machine is customized to meet your needs well.

2. Are you factory or trading company? 

We are the factory, we doing this line for more than 7 years.

3. What's your payment way? 

T/T by our bank account directly, or by alibaba trade assurance service, or by West Union, or in cash.

4. How can we make sure about the machine quality after we put the order? 

Before delivery, we will send you the pictures and videos for you to check the quality, and also you can arrange for quality checking by yourself or by your contacts in the third party inspection organization .

5. We are afraid you won't send us the machine after we send you the money? 

Please note our above business license and certificate. And if you don't trust us, then we can use alibaba trade assurance service or payment by LC, guarantee your money.

6. Why we should choose your company? 

Our products are with famous brand in PLC, frequency, servo motor and other electric parts, also the reasonable price.



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