powder packing machine two lanes powder packing machine

This is the description of 2 lanes multilane powder packing machine


(for multilane powder packing machine)

Suitable for health care products, coffee powder, cosmetics goods, from 5-35 grams.

The bag width 15mm-35mm, bag length 75-175mm, 30mins/bag/ lane.

Products information:

(for multilane powder packing machine)

  • English and Chinese screen display, operation is simple.
  • Mitsubishi PLC computer system, function is more stable, adjustment any parameters not need stop machine.
  • It can stock ten dispose, simple to switchover.
  • Panasonic servor motor drawing film, position accurately.
  • Horizontal, vertical temperature control, suitable for various of mix film, PE film packing material.
  • Packing type diversification, pillow sealing, standing type, punching etc.
  • Bag-making, sealing, packing, print date in one operation.



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