Liquid packaging machine technology innovation into a new market

At present, the packaging machinery exported from China mainly includes beverage and liquid packaging machinery, packaging machinery, paper and cardboard processing machinery, paper, aluminum and plastic composite soft packaging machinery, various types of window packaging and labeling packaging machinery, manufacturing packing boxes, boxes, tubes, barrels manufacturing machinery and resistance welding machines. Food and packaging machinery export regions have been throughout southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, Africa and other places.

The export of China's food packaging machinery is concentrated in developing countries and regions, while the competition in the vast land of Europe and America is very difficult, but it also contains huge business opportunities. Take the United States as an example, the phenomenon of "polarization" in the manufacturing of food and drug packaging machinery is very obvious. The small and exquisite electronic products represented by testing and coding devices are thriving. And to shrink the packaging machine, wrapping machine and sealing machine for the main universal packaging machinery also occupies a considerable proportion; The large packaging machinery production lines, mainly including filling machines, labeling machines and capping machines, have been largely abandoned in the United States, and the market is almost entirely occupied by imported equipment, especially equipment produced by German and Italian manufacturers.

From the above situation, we can see that packaging machinery is going through the "thin body" stage, small, convenient become the future research and development trend, universal packaging equipment market penetration rate is stable, large equipment production tends to technical guidance. Therefore, it can be seen that only by grasping the new trend of The Times and occupying the technological high ground, can we have the core competitiveness to pry open the new market.

5000 ml liquid pump peanut butter packing machine
5000 ml liquid pump peanut butter packing machine


From the perspective of innovation, innovation and adjustment is a long-term process, which cannot be effective in a short term. This requires domestic enterprises to pay attention to the cultivation of innovative talents, break down the applicability of products, form their own core technologies, and accelerate the in-depth exchanges between industry, university and research institutes and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements. In short, optimize product performance to meet the needs of use, while meeting the new era of convenience, energy saving, green, intelligent and other trends.

With the rapid development of the market economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the packaging requirements for products are increasingly high, which urgently requires the packaging to achieve mechanization, automation, which brings great opportunities for the packaging machinery manufacturing industry. At the same time, international enterprises are optimistic about this "cake", virtually urging China's packaging equipment manufacturing towards a strong, head-on international competition. It is not only necessary for enterprises to put themselves in the right position and clarify their responsibilities, but also necessary to further promote the implementation of supply-side structural reform strategy and change some institutional shortcomings. Chinese packaging machinery manufacturing enterprises are undergoing a transition period from self-sufficiency to opening up the international market, so they must grasp the overall situation and make full use of technological innovation.


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