Knowledge of powder packaging machine maintenance

In recent years, China's powder packaging machine market has maintained rapid growth. According to market analysis, the Chinese market will be so important, the main reason is that China's market share in the global market share in its growing share, which is a good development opportunity for domestic powder packaging machine enterprises.

At present, whether in the drug production, or food industry, daily chemical industry. Powder packaging machines are widely used, the domestic powder packaging machine is also in the past on the basis of continuous self-improvement, humanized operation as the goal, pay attention to the combination of product quality and appearance, for China's powder packaging machine made a great contribution.

 The following is to analyze the powder packaging machine maintenance need to pay attention to several major problems:

Lubrication work. To regularly give its gear meshing, bearing with seat oil hole and the moving parts to add oil lubrication, once a shift, reducer is prohibited to operate without oil. Be careful not to put the oil tank on the rotating belt when filling lubricating oil.

Maintenance work. Before the use of powder packaging machine, to check its various parts of the screw, not loose phenomenon, otherwise, will affect the normal far turn of the whole machine, for the electrical parts should pay attention to waterproof, moisture-proof, anticorrosive, rodent work. In order to ensure that the electric control box and wiring terminal is clean, in order to prevent the electrical fault, after the shutdown, should make the two heat sealing body in the open position, in order to prevent hot packaging materials.

Cleaning. After the equipment downtime, should be timely clean the metering section, often should clean heat sealing machine, to ensure that the packaging of finished sealing lines clear, to the scattered materials should clean up in time, for the part of clean, and thus prolong its service life, better also often clean the dust inside the electrical cabinet, in case the cause short circuit or electrical faults such as poor contact.

In general, powder packing machine is closely related to our life, can not only ensure the smooth progress of the packing work, and can obtain satisfactory result of packaging, cleaner working environment, people also make people on the job safety and health problems have the guarantee, and to the long-term operation of the machine, must pay attention to its daily maintenance, to make it better for our production and service life.


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