JT-1200 large vertical packing machine,Our largest packaging machine!

JT-1200 large vertical packing machine,This is a Large vertical packing machine produced by our company. Let's take a look at the real shot picture of the product.


 This product is characterized by a variety of granules or flakes such as rice, beans, lentils sugar, snacks.

  • Famous Brand PLC
  • Panasonic servo motor pulling film system
  • Integrated bag making, date printing, coding, measuring, counting, filling, sealing, cutting function.
  • Automatically film recitifying function
  • Supporting board while filling, avoid broken bags.
  • Many kinds of languages can be choosed

This is our largest packaging machine with a film width of 1200mm. PE films are usually used and packaged into large bags.Now the workers are packing the products, our products are shipped in wooden boxes, and the technicians will check and debug to ensure the normal use of the products.




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