Intelligent food machinery industry needs to speed up

As a member of the industrial industry, food machinery industry in the development of intelligent road is also duty-bound. The intellectualization of food machinery industry includes two aspects. On the one hand, food machinery enterprises can produce intelligent equipment; on the other hand, they can use intelligent equipment in the production of food machinery.

In the output of intelligent equipment, there have been many enterprises into the bureau. At present, the emergence of more and more unmanned food factories is the proof of intelligent food machinery output by food machinery enterprises. Like the unmanned dumpling factory which caused a sensation earlier, it requires the equipped with the Vertical packing machine,High speed packing machine,Granule packing machine,Powder packing machine and other equipment with intelligent functions. When the packaging needs to grab the dumplings, usually use the soft touch manipulator to work, the flexibility of the contact part of the equipment and ingredients to ensure that the shape of the dumplings will not be damaged; Equipped with sensors, the device has the general function of "eyes" to ensure the accurate number of packages. The four-axis or even six-axis joint allows the manipulator to move objects in all directions.

In the production of food machinery, the use of intelligent equipment is relatively slow in the development of this aspect, mainly the current food machinery enterprises in China are small and medium-sized enterprises, the purchase of intelligent production equipment is relatively insufficient funds. From the current implementation of intelligent production of some food machinery enterprises, the application of intelligent machine equipment in production can not only accelerate the output speed of food machinery, improve the precision of equipment, but also avoid the food machinery production process due to improper operation of casualties, reduce the recruitment difficulties of enterprises.

It can be seen that intelligent manufacturing has become an irresistible trend in the current food machinery enterprises. In the process of development, food machinery enterprises need to start from the two aspects of intelligent equipment and intelligent equipment production, to promote enterprises to keep up with the trend of The Times, to obtain more long-term development.



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