Innovative packaging is conducive to the development of leisure food market

According to experts, the regulation and integration of the snack food industry is an inevitable path. Market competition is like a great wave sweeping sand, some dominant brand enterprises will certainly occupy a monopoly position, small brands will only disappear in the era. Therefore, leisure food enterprises need to seize the opportunity, insight into market demand, continuous innovation and research and development, in order to stand in the market competition. At present, there are as many as several hundred thousand leisure food enterprises in China, and the market scale is growing rapidly. In the past three years, the compound growth rate of sales revenue of leisure food industry has exceeded 20%, and the annual sales volume has exceeded one trillion yuan.

With a history of nearly 50 years, pringles has taken the lead to seize the opportunity. With its highly recognizable sealed packaging and arc-shaped potato chips, pringles has left a deep impression on consumers. Visible, in numerous leisure food industry competitors, need to learn a lot of all brands, look deeply into the demand of consumers, you can use the new packing method, such as filling sealing potato chips packing machine, automatic vertical potato chips packing machine, high-speed packaging machine, etc., product constantly updated iteration, may survive in the fierce market change.

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