Granule packaging machines require constant technological innovation

The packaging industry is developing rapidly. Packaging machinery can be divided into vertical packaging machines, high-speed packaging machines, granule packaging machines, liquid packaging machines, powder packaging machines, etc. according to the packaging form. The development of the agricultural and sideline food industry and the pharmaceutical industry has put forward higher requirements for the development of the granule packaging machinery industry, and quantitative weighing has become the basis.

The granule packing machine is suitable for filling those powdery materials with better fluidity. The granule packing machine is suitable for the quantification of granular materials such as rubber granules, plastic granules, fertilizer granules, feed granules, chemical granules, grain granules, building granules and metal granules. Packaging, mainly used in the quantitative weighing packaging of pesticides, feed, additives, washing powder, salt, monosodium glutamate, sugar, seeds, rice, nuts, pepper and other granular powder materials.

Weighing technology has been widely used in the application of packaging equipment. Many packaging equipments have added a new function of weighing to the basis of automation and intelligence, so that the weight of the product can be weighed by the machine itself. The granule packing machine is also based on the original technology plus weighing technology, but unlike other packaging equipment, this weighing technology has been further innovated.


Due to the strict weight requirements of the product, the granule packaging machine has to be more weighing and reduce the error. The granule packing machine adopts the imported scale. This kind of scale is placed on the conveyor belt of the machine. The step of packaging the product is weighing. The weight of each bag should be the same. The advanced computer technology can make the weight of the product. Reduced to 0~1kg, such a small error can not be achieved by the weighing system on other packaging equipment, which is also a new weighing technology developed by the granule packing machine for the packaged product.

The granule packaging machine also uses a photoelectric tracking system. This system mainly determines the position and packaging of the product through photoelectric reflection when the machine is packaged. The confirmation of each step is displayed on the display screen. If anything happens. The machine will use its own pneumatic alarm system to remind the staff to deal with the problem.

The weighing technology has been subjected to a new innovation in the granule packaging machine in the case of widespread use, so that the machine weighs the product more and ensures that the weight of each bag is the same.

The market environment has gradually changed, and the granule packaging machine in the packaging market has increased its development. Innovation makes the granule packaging machine more powerful, so that the fierce competition is not terrible in the face of the granule packaging machine, and it must have enough confidence to become the unique leader in the packaging market, meet the needs of the market, not afraid to be eliminated by the market, innovative skills Mastering is the key to developing equipment for pellet packaging machines.

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