Food packaging size to diversification, food packaging equipment to keep up with changes

Food packaging can not only ensure the quality of products in storage and transportation, but also bear the burden of attracting consumers. When consumers buy food, they will be attracted by the exquisite food packaging and the reasonable price. Besides, the appropriate packaging size is also an important factor in determining consumers' purchase.

In fact, for packaging design, size is not often mentioned but extremely important indicators. Industry insiders point out that it is impossible for any product designer or brand not to think about size, and that it is becoming increasingly important to the brand's product strategy.

According to a recent meat power survey released in the United States, shoppers value convenience, diversity, and transparency when making purchasing decisions in meat regions. In terms of purchasing decision drivers, the price per pound of meat and the total price of packaging become the dominant factors for shoppers to buy meat and poultry products. For small families and millennial population, the total price of packaging is more important, which indicates the diversity of package sizes in the future.

Similarly, the mintel report lists the fact that households around the world are increasingly seeing more value in large quantities of milk than in the past. 39% of British consumers would like to see a wider range of small bottles of alcohol; Fifty percent of health-conscious snack consumers said they would like to try new snacks in small sizes.

This suggests that as brands' product portfolios continue to expand, they need to offer a wider range of sizes -- smaller and larger -- to meet consumers' needs for different USES at different times. Food packaging equipment needs to keep up with changes to meet the trend of reform and innovation.


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