Automatic vertical packing machine for granule products

Automatic vertical packing machine for granule products,This is a high efficiency packing Vertical packaging machine produced by our company. Let's take a look at the real shot picture of the product.

JT packaging machine
Vertical packaging machine

 This packaging machine can be set with multiple language operation interface, using PCL program operating system, stable and reliable, can save 10 system parameters, and can quickly switch between different system parameters. The accurate positioning of the servo film system ensures the stability of the package.The default back sealing bag, optional gusset device, smooth sealing process, efficient work efficiency.

 Application: rice, beans, lentils sugar, snacks and other granules or flakes. If you choose our products, our professional staff will conduct a rigorous test before the product is shipped to ensure that all products work properly. Click here to view more of our packaging machine products!


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