Advanced equipment is the firm foundation that milk powder enterprise develops continuously

The milk powder industry is a highly quality-dependent field, and the market growth of milk powder brands largely depends on the quality strength. If superior environment is the condition for the development of milk powder enterprises, then advanced technology and equipment are the solid foundation for the sustainable development of milk powder enterprises. Therefore, the breeding, production and processing equipment, technology and other aspects, through modern industrial equipment to ensure the safety of milk powder source, to create excellent quality. Take feihe milk powder as an example, its "2-hour ecosphere" and "wet process" have improved the quality of milk powder, and the production and processing of pipeline, automation, sealing and standardization have also become a magic formula to win the market competition. In addition to the domestic milk powder industry, the competitiveness of domestic milk enterprises has been further enhanced. For example, yili and mengniu have entered the top 20 of the world's dairy industry. It is conceivable that the recovery of the domestic milk powder industry has boosted the whole dairy industry to some extent.

The domestic milk powder industry has gone through several stages, including downturn and recovery. Relevant enterprises and the government have worked together to tide over the difficulties and regain consumers' confidence in domestic milk powder. However, at present, domestic dairy enterprises still have a big gap in research and development capacity compared with foreign enterprises. They still need to increase research and development, strengthen their own supervision, improve market competitiveness, and ensure the stability of quality.

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